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The Power Of Others

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a great one!

No news on my aunt. But my Dad has decided to go to both funerals and depending on when they are it may totally change our family get together Christmas plans.

But such is life. These are things that can\’t be planned, you just have to take them as they come and remember \”to every thing there is a season and time to every purpose under heaven.

I had an active day today, creating a sales page for the learning centered sites guide. I plan to offer it for $1 on Warrior+.

Speaking of that, did you go vote for your favorite ebook cover? If not, go do that right now! Whether you contribute or not doesn\’t matter, I still value your input!

Obviously, I\’m not looking to make money on the sale, it\’s just a way to provide value.

So, what\’s another way to promote your offer and get your offer directly in front of the person who needs it?

Dah Dah Dah Dah (imagine the music)…  let other people promote your offer!

You can\’t possibly reach every person who needs your product, no matter how much promotion you do.

You don\’t even know all the people who need your product.

But with the help of other people, you can reach far more of them than you can yourself.

So how do you do that?

That\’s what we\’ll be talking about tomorrow!

So keep an eye out for my next email!

Now make sure you go vote on those ebook covers

I was watching a webinar today by Wayne Crow of OLSP which he will be adding to the training you receive in that program

It\’s absolutely amazing all he has available. This one was on Solo Ads and how you can use them effectively. It really is a must see!

Do yourself a favor and go watch it!  Not a member?  Go join. The base membership is free so there\’s nothing stopping you and you\’ll gain a lot.

I highly recommend at least becoming a Dominator, but you don\’t have to to get a ton of value.

Want to learn more about the things I talk about?   Reply back with the subject \”Tell me more\”.

BTW, I probably won\’t write tomorrow as I\’m going to Christmas party for my church Relief Society. So I\’ll see you again on Friday!

To your success!

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