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The Power Of Classified Ads


Rosina here.  Happy Thursday!

Well it\’s cold here and it\’s only going to get worse for the next few days lol.

My heater is not up to the weather lol. It can barely keep the house at 64 degrees or so. 

The roads were icy going down to San Bernardino though it was only raining down there, not snowing like it was at my house.

 The snow isn\’t sticking too much yet though except at night – there\’s a good covering on my yard tonight, we\’ll see if it stays through the day tomorrow.

 So, what do you guess my traffic source is for today?

 Can you guess?

I haven\’t given any hints so I don\’t blame you if you can\’t 😆. 

Well, how about classified ads! 

Did you know there were classified ads online? 

So, what are classified ads?

 Classified Ad sites are places where you can place your ad for anyone to see. Ads are usually grouped by category are usually searchable to further narrow down results. They are generally free to view by the public and are therefore indexed by search engines. Sites exist that are both free and paid for the ad publisher.

 What\’s involved in using Classified ads?

  • Register at the classified ad site
  • Write and publish your ad in an appropriate category
  • Sometimes ads need to be approved
  • Rinse and repeat at other ad sites

Positives of Classified Ads

  • Classified ad sites get a lot of traffic, so you can get good amounts of traffic
  • Do the work once, get traffic forever – in most cases, once an ad is placed, it\’s there for life
  • High quality traffic – these are people that are searching for what you have to offer
  • Build backlinks to your site – because ads are publicly visible and indexed by search engines, you build up links to your own site with your ads (builds the reputation of your site)
  • Free or low cost traffic source

Negatives to Classified ads

  • Takes time to post a lot of classified ads, but this is outsourceable

Opinion of Classified ads

Classified ads are a good source of traffic that is quite underused and there aren\’t a lot of negatives to Classified ads other than it does take some work. Definitely use classified ads.

So, what do you think of classified ads?

I\’m always interested in your thoughts, so reply back!

Are there any specific traffic sources you\’d like me to cover?  Reply and ask, and I\’ll cover them!  

Get your copy of Start With Why . It really is a great book. i was reading about logos and symbols today and why some logos become symbols but most do not and what it can mean to you if yours does.


To your success!


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