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The Power Of Ad Swaps

I was back at the Apple store today to see if they could clean up my keyboard so my keys would be less sticky and they did!

My keyboard feels so much better than it has in a long time and my delete key is no longer stuck.  

They also were able to help me with why my computer was running so slow.

So with the keyboard cleaning and a little work on my part to clean up what was slowing it down, my computer is doing much better and I can celebrate!

So that\’s what I did while I was waiting for my friend at the school for the blind today. A productive one even if I didn\’t get to spend it building webpages or anything like that lol.

Ad swaps are another great way to get traffic for free.

You can do ad swaps once you have at least a small mailing list.

With ad swaps, you find someone with a similar size list.  Then you agree to send their ad to your list and they send your ad to their list.

This can be a really great way to get your ad in front of lots of new people.

Keep in mind that as you\’re doing swaps your list is growing – meaning you\’ll be able to increase the amount of clicks you can exchange with other list owners as things progress! …Unlimited FREE traffic for life. Yours for the taking.

There are lots of ways to find people to swap with, but one of the best is Safe Swaps.

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