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The Next Step Is Ready

Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a wonderful day!

I kept plenty busy today with all that I was working on!

I did a little bit on social media (definitely not my favorite thing).

Then decided because I ran a solo ad the other day, I better finish the welcome sequence for subscribers from that so that I can encourage them in the list building training and introduce them to more.

So, I wrote five more emails for that series!

And they are pretty good, if I do say so myself, lol.

And I decided that they would be a great bonus for anyone on my team that wants to promote the list building training.

Because, did you know that you can not only use the training yourself, but you can use it as a lead magnet to build your warm list and your team in OLSP?

Sooo… if you want to promote that list building training yourself and help others earn a commission fast, let me know and I will package up my welcome sequence so that you use it yourself and not have to come up with your own!

I also did a bunch of personal stuff and found a great program to use to clean up my computer.  I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I want to tell you about what I did for the My First Website Challenge and Path To Online Wealth website.

As you know, I had yet to upload the video I finished rendering yesterday.

So I did that, and rearranged the layout of the content of the lessons into what I think is a better layout. 

It has the video first and foremost, then the tabs with the rest of the info.

So, tell me if you like that better.

The theme of the page still isn’t that great, it’s just the content part of the page that I worked on.  

You can get to the lessons here:


Step 1: Your Domain

Step 2: Hosting & DNS

I also worked on the new homepage for Path To Online Wealth and it’s coming together nicely.

Get a preview!  And take a look at it here.

It’s still not finished, as you can tell from the “Lorem ipsum…” pieces

But you can start to see what I’m aiming for with this and what the page is going to look like in the end.

 Write me back and tell me your thoughts! Or just ask for more info 😃.

To your success!


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