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The Incredible Little Tool You Already Have Access To

Rosina here.  Happy Friday!  The weekend is here and it is Easter weekend!

I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of Jesus with your families or in whatever celebration you may have at this time of year.

As for me, I’ve been invited over to a friend’s house for dinner on Easter Sunday, so I will celebrate with her, her family and another friend of ours.

As for today, lol. It took me a long time to get through less email than usual this morning, lol.

But that less email had more things I had to take care of.

And I had several appointments today, taking up much of my time.

But I managed to get my video for step 2 done, but between all the appointments and rendering that video with the 4 parts off it put together… that was about all I got done lol.

I didn’t even get it uploaded to Youtube… in fact, it’s actually still uploading to my storage at the moment.

It’s amazing how much time all these things take.

It always takes longer than you think it will!

So, the end result is, Step 2 is still not ready to be viewed and Step 3 isn’t even started on yet.

But I do want to share with you one of my favorite tools…

And it’s one you already have access to, believe it or not!

It allows me to keep track of things – where I am in implementing something, what I need to do next, ideas that I have etc, etc, etc.

It is awesome!

One of the things I do with it is that when I have a new idea, I write a note in my Ideas label about it in this tool with all my thoughts about what something that fulfills that idea should look like. 

All my thoughts about it, all my plans about it. I can add drawings and images and reference to similar things that are already out there.

Then, when I start to implement that idea (if I ever do, I have far more ideas than I can ever implement, lol). I move those notes and plans and drawings and everything to a label just for that idea. 

Then I can make more specific plans for it and outline the steps that need to be done to complete it. 

And I can keep track of which steps are completed and what still needs work.

It’s not focused on just planning, you can use it to keep track of anything you need notes on. 

Some of my labels just have notes about different kinds of strategies to use, or my notes that I want to remember from a webinar, or stuff like that.

But the planning ones let me keep track of where I am on something, so that if I get sidetracked by some other essential project, I can step back into my idea and pick right back up where I was!

And planning is absolutely essential to your business, no matter what that business is.

Plus, I can share things with my VA so she can mark off things she’s done too, or write notes to me about something.

Now there are planning and tracking tools that will do a lot of the same thing, and I’ve tried some of them.

And if you have a big team and need something more formal in your planning, they might work better.

But few of them have the flexibility of this tool.

And I find using them more of a hassle, so it doesn’t free me up to do things the way that works for me.

Again, if you have a big team, you might need that formal structure, but for me, I don’t – I need flexibility to have the same tool work in lots of different ways.

So, can you imagine what tool is?

It’s Google Keep!  If you have a gmail account (and who doesn’t?), you have Google Keep.

It’s like having little post-it notes all around exactly where you need them!

The only thing I could wish for is a good Chrome extension that would allow me to use notes on whatever website I’m on.

But I use Google’s tools a lot, so it’s right there on the sidebar in most of them. 

And when I’m using other tools, I just keep a window open with Google Keep open in it so I can quickly go to it.

When I stop doing something for the day (or even for a time), I quickly jot down notes of where I am on it, crossing off anything I finished, and making sure my next steps are accurate.

So give it a try, see if it doesn’t help you keep track of things.

I hope you find this little tip useful!

Meanwhile, go visit the My First Website Challenge,


Step 1: Your Domain

if you haven’t been through them already, and get ready for tomorrow, I’ll have at least Step 2 done and hopefully Step 3 well on its way.

Please do and write me back with some feedback!

To your success!


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