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The Importance Of Consistency In Your Business

Rosina here. Happy Thursday!  We’re almost to the end of the week.  It’ll probably be Friday and even closer to the end of the week by the time you read this…😜

I was talking to a mentor of mine today along with a bunch of other people and we were all reminded of something very important.  Something Russell Brunson brings up often in his podcasts.

That is the importance of consistency in your business.

Russell talks about it mostly in having to do with getting good at something, but it’s important too in the mere act of doing something.

There are little things you need to do in your business.  And you need to do them every day. They may take only 5 or 10 minutes, but you need to do them every day. You need to be consistent about it.

It’s easy to spend that 5 or 10 minutes doing the thing.  But it’s just as easy not to spend that 5 or 10 minutes.

So you have to make yourself be consistent.  Set aside time to do it every day and make sure you do it, whatever it is.

As Russell says, at first you’ll be really bad at doing whatever it is. But as you make yourself do it on your schedule every day or whatever your schedule is, you will get better at it.  And over time you will get better and better until one day you are actually good at it.

So be consistent.

I admit, I am very bad at being consistent.  But it is something I am working on.

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