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The First Part Of A Solid Foundation In List Building

Rosina here.  Hope you had a great Wednesday!

Mine was full of stuff that came up and had to be dealt with NOW, but I didn\’t get much work done on my business. Don\’t you just hate those days!

A lot of it had to do with my house of course with all the trouble from a burst pipe.

And my service dog has not been feeling too well lately and has hardly been eating. So I tried to take him to the vet today.  I couldn\’t get in and it isn\’t an absolute emergency so they told me to call at 7am tomorrow to see what time they have open.  I had no idea they were open that early!

On the other hand, he did eat today and was actually begging for his food (like he usually does but hasn\’t been doing in days) at dinner time.  He still didn\’t chow it down like usual, but he ate pretty well.

So maybe I won\’t take him in and just keep an eye on it for now. It depends on how he does for breakfast tomorrow. If he doesn\’t eat breakfast I\’m definitely going to take him in regardless that he was doing better today. He\’s only eaten one meal a day for days until today so he might be on the mend. 

Keep him in your prayers if you would.

Life is so full of stuff!  

There\’s always so much stuff to learn when you attend webinars.

I recently attended a webinar on list building, a topic I\’m always interested in. 

Anyone who\’s in internet marketing and knows anything will tell you \”The money is in the list.\”  

If you are in internet marketing or any other kind of business for that matter, you NEED to be building your list.

Over the next week or so, I\’d like to share with you some of the key points I learned from the webinar I attended, List Building Hero.

Session 1 of the webinar was about Solid Foundations.  

Like with everything, you need a solid foundation when building your list.  

So what does a solid foundation look like for your list building efforts?

It really consists of two parts.

The first is the most technical aspect of building your list – your autoresponder.  

Your autoresponder is where you keep and maintain your list. Your autoresponder service does many things for you, including

  • Sending out messages for you automatically in an autoresponder series.
  • Sends out broadcast messages to all or some of your subscribers.
  • Lets you segment your subscribers into different lists for different purposes.
  • Lets you segment your subscribers based on interactions with your messages.
  • Gives you statistics on how your messages and interactions are doing.

The cheaper autoresponders probably won\’t give you all of that but they better at least send messages for you or they aren\’t really an autoresponder lol.

It\’s important that you don\’t skimp on your autoresponder.  Those cheap autoresponders you can get for free or for a one time fee aren\’t worth their weight!

99% of your messages from those cheap autoresponders won\’t even get to their intended recipients! This is called deliverability. And deliverability is the single most important aspect of an autoresponder. I mean there\’s no point in taking the time to write an email and sending it if no one is going to see it.

There are a whole slew of autoresponders out there!

In addition to the tons of free and low cost ones, there are some decent ones, some good ones and some great ones in all kinds of price points.

You don\’t actually have to spend a ton of money to get a great autoresponder.  But you do need to make some financial investment in one.

Now I\’m not going to review all the leading autoresponders. I\’m just going to mention the primary one I use and why.

I highly recommend Aweber.  I chose it very carefully and after I tried several other good ones.

To start with, it has great deliverability (remember that was the single most important aspect).  Its deliverability rivals that of the very expensive autoresponders and even sometimes surpasses it.

It does all of the things an autoresponder should do that I mentioned above, so then you are free to do what you want to do.

And it fits well into the middle price range and even has a free plan for the total beginner. The free plan is limited to 500 subscribers and 1 list, but that\’s plenty to get you off the ground.  And it won\’t break your budget as your list grows.

You can grow, with Aweber, to a massive list.  Many of the 7 figure internet marketers use Aweber, so what does that tell you?

If you want to become a 7 figure earner, do what those 7 figure earners do!  (Just be smart about it.)

Click here and review Aweber for your list building needs!

Boy this turned into a longer message than I expected…

So, what is the second part of the solid foundation for your list building efforts?  

Reply and let me know what you think it is and… 

Tune in tomorrow and find out!

See you tomorrow…

To your success!

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