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The First Level Of The Levels Of Value

Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!  Did you have an awesome day? I hope so!

I have something sooo cute to share with you today.  

My cat, Atten, climbed under the covers to sleep with me during the night. He does this all the time. He curls up next to me under the covers.

But when I woke up this morning, he was soo cute. He was laying there on his side beside me with his head next to mine and the covers up to his shoulders just like a person. Oh it was soo cute. 

Can you imagine it in your mind?

I tried to get a picture of him, but of course my moving around to get the phone disturbed him and he started to get up.

I thought I got a picture of him anyway, not quite as cute as when I first woke up, but still cute. But I can\’t find it, so I must have hit the wrong button on my phone 😝.

Still it was sooo cute and I just had to share it, so I hope you can imagine it.

Okay. Another thing I\’ve been thinking about recently is the levels of value that Myron Golden talks about.

I think I\’m going to talk about them spread over the next 4 days (since there is four levels). So look forward to my emails!

So value is what creates income and there are four levels of value. As we talk about them you can consider where you fit in the levels (you might fit into more than one). The lower levels have a ceiling on their income.

The first level of value is implementation.

This is where people who make and do things are. 

They fix cars and make rockets. They are doctors and lawyers and hotel cleaners. They are the person at the grocery store checkout and the maintenance worker.

They use their time and exchange it for money. 

This is the largest group of the value levels.

Their income is limited because they only have so much time they can give in exchange for money.

Look tomorrow for the next level of value. Can you guess what it is?

Now, I promised you I\’d introduce you to a new product launching today that I\’ve been looking at for a couple of weeks… but unfortunately I didn\’t get approved yet to promote that product. I thought I already had when I mentioned it but obviously I hadn\’t looked closely enough.

So instead, I want to introduce you to a new funnel I have that introduces people to how to get started making money. 

It starts with an introduction to my great ad exchange and mailer, Elite Ad Exchange!

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