Rosina here. Happy Friday!  And welcome to the weekend!

I hope you are doing something for yourself this weekend. It\’s important to rejuvenate regularly.

I totally enjoy what I do, but it\’s still important to take regular breaks from it or it will eventually become too much stress on one thing.

I learned some things last night about a good authoritative Facebook profile.

So today, I used part of my marketing time to refresh and improve my Facebook profile and page.

I am trying to use Facebook more in my marketing as there is a lot to be had there.

I also spent some time on my group, starting to set up some training in it so it will be organized.  

If you\’re not a member of my group, please come join it and see what I have for you there!

Be sure to check out all three: my profile, my page and my group.

I appreciate any comments you have on them!  Please comment on Facebook itself or even reply back to this email with your comments. 🙂

One funny thing happened on Facebook today, lol.

The other day, I wrote a post warning people that I WOULD unfriend them if they video/audio call me on Facebook without permission.  (I\’ve had a rash of such calls lately)

Believe it or not, that stupid post got more comments than practically any of my others with real, valuable content

I didn\’t even think it would be shown to that many people because of the content of it. lol

It\’s crazy what the Facebook engine thinks is important and pushes out to tons of people.

Or maybe it\’s just crazy what people react to.

So, you know at least two things that I am doing to drive traffic (Facebook and Traffic Magic – it\’s not the only things, but it\’s two).

So, what are you doing to drive traffic?  Let me hear your stories – maybe I\’ll even join you, you never know.

Want to talk to me about any of this? Reply back to me with \”Tell me more\”. I look forward to hearing from you!

To your success!


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