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The Benefit And The Down-Sides Of Using Novelty/Innovation As A Sales Tactic

Rosina here. Happy weekend!  I hope you\’re having a great one!

Taxes… Taxes… It\’s always so much fun… not…

But I\’m starting early this year to start get things together and start to organize my business income and expenses.

That way it won\’t be a big rush when the deadline approaches heh.

Not the most fun job in the world but one that has to be done.

I also explored a new system builder today and that was fun.

I was reading tonight about the different kinds of manipulation and how they are used or show up in organizations, selling, politics, etc.

They each have short term benefits, but they don\’t produce any kind of lasting change or loyalty and have long-term negatives.

One example was in the toothpaste industry where novelty (called innovation by the users of it, but it\’s really only novelty) has been used extensively. 

Did you know that there are at least 32 different variations of Colgate toothpaste for you to chose from?  (and other brands have similar numbers)

How can you possibly figure out which one is the right toothpaste for you?

This happened because Colgate kept introducing new \”must-have\” toothpaste variations to try to boost sales and win back customers from other brands.

Whenever sales would start to decline, they would introduce a novel new toothpaste \”innovation\” that you just had to have.

And, of course, their competitors would follow suit with similar varieties in their own brand.

So that today, it is impossible to choose from all the varieties.

And that is the downside to using novelty extensively to gain sales.

Novelty is also used extensively in internet marketing and you see the symptoms of it especially in the make money online niche resulting in \”shiny object syndrome\” where people jump from one bright new program to another because of new features in the newest one.

Something to be careful about if you want to be a true leader and bring truth and change to your followers.

I\’m still wondering what you use as your traffic strategies. I would like to hear about them.

Do you have a plan for your traffic?  

It\’s important to develop one. 

Hmm… that gives me an idea for a lead magnet I just might have too work on lol.

Well I just wrote down two good lead magnet ideas.

Thanks for the ideas!

You\’ll no doubt see them soon, lol.

Traffic Magic is a good thing to include in your traffic plan as passive traffic.

Set it up in 5 minutes and it keeps working for you :).


Want to talk to me about any of this? Reply back to me with \”Tell me more\”. I look forward to hearing from you!

To your success!


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