The Answer Is Jesus

I was reading in the Liahona last week, a talk by Elder Ryan K. Olsen from this past General Conference called The Answer Is Jesus.

That title kind of gives away what my spiritual thought this week is about, lol.

In his talk he said, \”throughout your life, no matter how difficult or confusing the challenges may be, you can always remember that the answer is simple: it is always Jesus.\”

He directed it to the youth, but in truth, it is true for all of us.

Whenever questions or trials or hard times come up, we only need look at the problems and remember, the answer is Jesus. 

What would He do in this situation? How would He feel? What would He think? And maybe most importantly, what would He do for us?

Let Him in and let Him help.  He\’s willing and ready to help us if we just let Him.

The answer is always Jesus.

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