Rosina here.  Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful Sunday and are having a great start to the new week.

My Sunday was a good break from the week, though I slipped and did some business stuff too.

Sunday is a good day of rest, though there\’s little actual resting that goes on lol.

I work on family history and go to church and sometimes help others with their family history and write posts on my blog about my life history and spiritual thoughts and I try to take some time out to do something I enjoy that has nothing to do with business, just something I do for the sheer joy of doing so.

In other words I keep plenty busy, but it\’s a different busy.

This week, the thing I did for the sheer joy of it was finishing the pink version of my Lego bonsai tree.

There\’s also a green version and that will probably be next week\’s activity.  You can only have one version fully grown at a time, you just switch out the leaves and blossoms and the branches holding them.

So when I have the green version on display, the pink branches will be tucked away on a shelf and vice versa lol.

A friend came over today and took a look at my bonsai tree and thought it was beautiful and could barely believe it was Legos.😄

I\’ve decided that after the Lego build is finished, I\’ll take some time each week to build the puzzles my family gave me. 

I do enjoy puzzles and after Christmas, I have three new puzzles to build, not to mention the one that has been sitting partially built for months in my puzzle box.

This total break from business on Sundays is one way I give myself a chance to rest and rejuvenate.

I take regular breaks during the day as well, but I think, and it\’s emphasized in The Power of Full Engagement, that it\’s good to have a break that\’s longer and more different.

The normal work week is only 5 days long for a reason. It gives people chance to rest and recover from the stress of work life.

People who work 7 days a week tend to become less and less effective and get less done – the opposite of their goal.

There are plenty of ways to take breaks from the stress of daily life… what are some of yours?  I\’d love to hear them!

On another topic, as you know, Traffic has been seriously on my brain.

Traffic is such an important part of our business online.  

If you don\’t have traffic, you are just spinning your wheels.

Many of the ways of getting free traffic are not my favorite things to do, but they are necessary.

I try to find ways to systemetize and automate them as much as possible.  

That way I can do a bunch of one thing on one day and have it dripped out over a week or so (or even longer preferably), then I can pick it up again and do more of it.

To me, I find that more enjoyable than doing a little of something every day.

But that\’s me, and it\’s not conducive to things like Facebook where you need to respond to what people say quickly.

Many people enjoy doing a little bit every day and that works great for them – they are much more successful at Facebook than I am, lol.

Which kind of person are you? (I do, do both, btw 🙂  Reply back and let me know your story!

One way I like to systemetize things is with Traffic Magic

It\’s great because it lets you do one thing, one time, then receive the traffic forever!

That\’s why I created it! It\’s simple and easy to set up and use and you only have to do it once.

If you haven\’t done so already, join us today and get your link seen perpetually!

Want to talk to me more about this or any of the topics I cover?  Send me an email with the subject \”Tell me more\”.

To your success!


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