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Surrounded By Opportunity

I\’m sitting here with a kitty cat lying on my chest trying to type a post to you all. As you can imagine he\’d rather my attention was on him than on the computer lol.

He especially wants my attention tonight since I was gone all day to the school for the blind and he couldn\’t get my attention in the day time.

I was able to get quite a bit done while I was waiting for my friend at the school for the blind. I worked on several web pages getting them ready to publish and finished an autoresponder sequence. I just need to publish it and start having it go out to the people interested in the cash now funnel, then keep building it.

You know, there is an abundance of opportunity.  We are surrounded by it everywhere.

If we just grasp on and focus on it, we can succeed.

It might not always be in the ways we wish it were, but opportunity is always there.

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Go to step 3 and watch the training. Then the most important part… put it into action.  

Of course you need to do steps 1 and 2 first to have things set up to use in step 3. So go to it!

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