Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!

Brrr it was cold this morning!  

When I took my dog for a walk, I was freezing (I guess I should have worn my winter coat, not just my warm jacket lol).

And when I went out to go pick up my friend to go to the school for the blind several hours later, I had to turn on the heater and melt all the ice off the windows before I could drive.  

So I took my friend to the school for the blind and worked on miscellaneous tasks to finalize things for Traffic Magic. 

I discovered I missed one of the videos in my filming on Saturday lol. So I\’ll have to make that one tomorrow. 

But I managed to get everything else together to submit it for approval to Warrior+. Provided I didn\’t miss anything to meet their standards, I should have approval in a day or two.


I also did some backend stuff, that isn\’t absolutely essential for launch, but will be nice to have done :).  That required me to make 3 more web pages, which I got done.

When I got home, I was exhausted from the 2 hours of driving and sitting in uncomfortable chairs working on the computer for 5 hours (sitting at a desk in a well designed desk chair is so much better).  But I still did my marketing tasks while I watched the news.

Busy, busy!

How was your Tuesday?

Thanks for the comments on the ebook covers! I really appreciate them if that was you… if not, please go vote now! Your input on the learning centered sites and the cover is very valuable.

Remember, if you send in sites where you can advertise your course for me to use in the guide, you\’ll not only get your name on the guide as one of the contributors/authors, you\’ll get rights to use the guide for your purposes – use it as a lead magnet, resell it, whatever.

I\’ve been reading Russel Brunson\’s 30 Days book. If you haven\’t ever heard of it, the premise is \”You suddenly lose everything… What would you doo from Day 1 to Day 30 to save yourself…\” and contains the 30 day plans of a number of 2 comma club award winners in it (2 comma club award means they have made at least $1,000,000 from their Clickfunnels funnels).

You can get the 30 Days book along with Traffic Secrets, Expert Secrets, or Dot Com Secrets (which are free if you pay the shipping). I got another copy when I participated in another event this year for the launching of Clickfunnels 2.0. So I now have 2 copies lol.

I\’ve had the first copy of the book for well over a year, but getting the second copy (and some other encouragement from Russell Brunson presentations) actually prompted me to read it, lol.

Anyway, there are some very interesting plans in this book. Some of them I can see myself doing (though mostly not as fast as they imagine doing it), some I can\’t. It\’s very interesting to see the plans and put myself, in my imagination, in the position of doing them so I can see where I can improve in my own plans.  

If you don\’t have the 30 Days book or any of Traffic Secrets, Expert Secrets, or Dot Com Secrets, I encourage you to get them (click the links to see how). 

They are foundational reading for anyone who wants to succeed at internet marketing.  Russell Brunson is a very good writer and an expert at marketing.

Want to more information about the things I talk about here?  Send me an email with \”Tell me more.\”

To your success!



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