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Starting To Make A Course – The Weeding Process

Rosina here. How was your Tuesday?  I hope you had an awesome one

Mine started at 3am lol. I couldn\’t sleep because of the fan blowing in the bathroom being very loud, so I decided to get up and go ahead and get to work.  I thought I might fall asleep on the couch, but the fan was still loud in the living room, besides that I was interested in what I was doing.

So all in all today, I finished up an opt-in and thank you page and wrote an email series to go along with it for those that opt-in to it.  And started sending traffic to it.

That\’s not what I was working on from 3 to 7am – that still has some work to do on it lol.

Want to see my new opt-in?  Click here and take a peak!  

You can opt-in if you\’d like to get the lead magnet that goes with it.

So, now that you have a hot topic… what to do with it…

The answer is… make a course about it!

You know people want to know about this topic. They are asking about it!

So clearly there is not a clear enough answer to the question to be had.

But how are you going to do that if you don\’t have the answers ready and waiting?

You don\’t have to know the answers already, you just go searching for them.  

There are probably plenty of YouTube videos or blog posts about the topic or it wouldn\’t be a hot topic.

But they need to be sorted through and organized and the bad ones weeded out.

So your next task is to…

Go through the YouTube videos you find on the topic and take notes.  See what the blog posts have to say about it.

Sort out the good stuff from the bad stuff.

Tomorrow we\’ll talk about some examples of what you can do with those notes.  Watch for tomorrow\’s email to find out!

Coming up this week for Black Friday is Omar Martin and John Thornhill\’s product Rapid Profits.

It\’s going to be amazing.

In it, John is going to reveal the exact system he and his students have used to sell over 23 million dollars worth of products.

That way, you can use it too, and free yourself from all the experimenting to find the right way and make money fast!

And that\’s only half of the main product…

I\’m so excited for this.. just wait until I tell you about the second half of the product. Stay tuned!

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