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Signatures As Advertising

Rosina here.  It\’s a wonderful mid-week!

I have to say it\’s been an exciting day with the launch of Massive Mail Path. I have nearly 50 affiliates working to promote Massive Mail Path. Not bad for a first launch. Of course I\’m still open to more, hint hint.

Sales are coming in and I\’m sure there will be more over the next week plus as affiliates promote.

Launching a product is exciting 😁.

The content will be helpful too, to the people who put it into action.  It\’s great to be able to help people.

Let\’s talk about advertising again. 

Your email signature is one way to advertise that is almost completely overlooked. 

That little area beneath your messages is seen by tons of people every day. And you could easily strike their curiosity and they might click.

Sure, it\’s not going to get you tons of traffic,  but even one pays off because it\’s free and takes no work from you once you have it set up.

There should be something at the bottom of your emails for people to click on. It might be your website, or your social media profiles, or the product you\’re promoting right now.

I recently found this service that does your email signatures for you and I added one to the bottom of this mail.  

Now, if I change my signature everybody sees the new one even if they are looking at an old email. 

And the signatures are really cool, you can make an imprint that is a carousel of images that will be displayed.

It doesn\’t cost much either and they have a free option. One of their professional designers will take a look at what you want to promote and create an imprint for you that you can choose to use or you can make your own.  And they provide that service even with the free option.

The one below was made by their designer based on my website

Click here to check out SignaSource and get your own signature.

Now, you are probably wondering about Massive Mail Path yourself. In it you will learn how to get tons of traffic by being able to mail to thousands of people every day and it will teach you how to do those mailings legitimately, not spamming.

Click here and get your copy of Massive Mail Path today.

Of course when you get your copy, as always I will add 500x solo ads at my membership sites. Just send me your receipt.

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