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Signal.org as a Traffic Source

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday! Having a wonderful day, I hope!

Congratulations and welcomee to you if you joined the Success Journey!

It\’s so exciting, I can\’t wait to share everything with you!

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Or, I could give you the short version 😄.

I am putting together my Success Journey so you can follow me and grow your success as well.

It only has a few things in it now, and they are mostly resources, but it will continue to grow and explore things like:

  • What Success means to me and the freedom it brings and how you can get to freedom as well.
  • My daily journey, so you can see the good and the bad
  • How to build your online business with resources and training about traffic, list building, affiliate marketing, building effective funnels, and much more.
  • Tips, tricks and how to videos to using tools you need to accomplish your goals
  • The importance of your mindset

It will include these daily updates and much more!

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Oh, I\’m super excited about it!

And I\’ve got something to add to it tonight.

Something I learned today…

Check this video out…

It\’s a little bit technical, I admit, but not too bad.

And if you already have a Google Workspace account you\’ll find a good tip for you.

If not, you get the chance to learn about it and about emailing in general.

Now, we\’ve got to get to some traffic!

How about Signal.org…

Signal is an instant messaging service that gets over 4.2 million visitors a month.

People use Signal to send one-to-one and group messages, which can include files, voice notes, images and videos.  

What do you need to do to use Signal.org?

  • Download the Signal app on both your desktop and phone
  • Join niche specific groups or…
  • Create your own niche specific group
  • Promote your own group to get people to join
  • Promote your offers to people in the group


  • It\’s instant messaging… people are going to see your message
  • Easily promote to up to 1000 people at once (group size limit is 1000)
  • If you have any trouble joining a group because it’s full, that becomes an opportunity for you to create a similarly titled group and capture that traffic
  • Traffic is good quality if you choose and/or create and promote your groups well


  • Groups are limited to 1,000 (but there\’s opportunity in that too, see above)
  • You must choose your group well or traffic will be poor quality or you may even irritate group members with offers not relevant to them

My opinion of Signal.org:

I haven\’t actually used Signal.org so everything here is just from my research and consideration of it.

I expect it is quite a good traffic source, as…

It definitely is going to get your offers seen. People have agreed to have your messages pop up on their phone and/or laptop, they don\’t have to go looking for your offer.

And you are sending to people who have expressed interest in offers like yours.

Like anything, you have to be consistent to get good results. A messaage here or there is not going to do it for you.

So there you go!

What do you think of Signal.org?

Any experience with it, you\’d like to share with me?

Reply back and let me know!

Also, let me know what traffic sources you\’d like me to cover. Just reply to this email and tell me.  

Get your copy of Start With Why . It truly is a great book! Be sure to get your own copy.

I\’m going to do my best to write early tomorrow, since I have a Relief Society meeting tomorrow evening. It may get sent out before my meeting or afterward (provided I get it written)

Friday, I have a treatment, so I may not feel up to writing afterwards, but I\’ll try my best!

I enjoy writing these emails, so they are good for me too 😀.

To your success!


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