YouTube is VERY popular. In fact it is the second largest search engine on the planet, right behind Google (who owns YouTube). Anybody who is looking for a video on any topic goes to YouTube and YouTube videos show up in lots of Google searches as well. So if you want to produce videos YouTube is your place to do it. But you can’t just go to YouTube and upload a video.

To upload videos, you first need a channel.

A channel is a member\’s personal presence on YouTube. It is similar, in many ways, to other social media sites.

I put together an ebook and video series on setting up your YouTube channel, starting from scratch.


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Video Series


Part 1: Login and Create The Channel

Part 2: Customizing Your Channel

Part 3: Customizing Upload Defaults

Part 4: Uploading Your First Video

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You can find all these videos on this playlist too: Setting Up Your YouTube Channel From Scratch.

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