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Set Up To Build A List In Under An Hour

Rosina here.  Happy Thursday!  I hope you’ve had a good day!


I made some great progress today setting up things for Path To Online Wealth. 


Things are coming together and I have all kinds of plans running through my head to get to work on for it.


And while I was working on stuff today, I got to play with the new flexbox container in elementor which makes it incredibly easy to make cool layouts of images or articles or content of any sort!


You gotta love elementor, lol.


So, what did you think of Wattpad? Did you visit the site and see what people are doing with it?


I’ve been debating what to share with you next… and shame on you… no one suggested what they’d be interested in.


So, I guess I’m on my own to pick…


And I’ve decided on going into the one most valuable resource you cannot afford to be without…


Can you guess what that is?





It is your list!


I’m sure you’ve heard, “The money is in the list!”


And it is absolutely true.


If you don’t have a list, you don’t have a business, because this is where most of your customers are going to come from.


It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, you need a list of customers for that business.


It doesn’t matter if your are selling from your online store or if you are the pizza joint down the street, you NEED a list.


Do you know why Facebook bought Instagram?


Do you think it was for the Instagram platform?


Ha! Not at all. Facebook couldn’t have cared less about the platform, in fact they almost shut it down!


No, they wanted that list of customers that Instagram had so that they could add those customers to their marketing platform.


Traffic is nice and all, but if you don’t turn that traffic into subscribers on your list you are going to lose money.


It is rare for the traffic you bring in on a campaign to pay for itself in initial sales.  


It can happen, but it’s rare.


You need to grow and develop those subscribers from that traffic to the point where they are ready to buy the thing you presented to them, and then continue to develop them so that they buy over and over from you.


Then you make more money than you spent and keep making money while spending nothing more on that traffic.


So let me start by introducing you to some incredible list building training you can have for free.


In it, you will set up everything you need to build and start monetizing your list in under an hour!


It’s awesome!  Go check it out here.


Then, write back and tell me what you learned.


To your success!



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