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SEO as a Traffic Source

Rosina here.  Happy Saturday!   I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

I got so much done today!

Wow I kept busy.

Though I did forget to finish the laundry until it was nearly time to start my evening routine lol.

Among other things I put the finishing visual touches on a course I\’ve been working on since a friend and mentor spurred me on (though he might not know that he did that) to work on an idea that\’s been forming in my mind for a long time.

It only has a little content in it now but the content will continue to grow as long as I\’m on this journey.

I can\’t wait to put itt in your hands! But at this moment I still have to work on the signup proceess workflow.

So it will be a couple days yet. I hopefully will finish it tonight, but tomorrow\’s Sunday so you won\’t be hearing from me until Monday. 

Hopefully it will be ready then, but it might take a little more time than that depending on what else I. have to work on and how the testing goes.

Still, I can\’t wait for you to see it, and as my friend and team member it will be my gift to you! 

It won\’t be free to everyone forever. But it will be to you as it\’s just starting out and I want you especially to see it.

Alright, enough of my excitement, lets get on to today\’s traffic source…


Search Engine Optimization or SEO isn\’t really a direct traffic source in and of itself, but rather a skill to use to increase organic traffic from the search engines to your sites.

SEO is the skill to improve your site\’s rank for keywords in the search engines.

We all want our sites to be on Google\’s first page without paying to be there with an ad.

And why do we want that?

Because when people search fo stuff on Google they will click on the first one or two links or maybe something lower down the page, but they aren\’t likely to go too page 3 or 4 let alone 10 or 20.

We want to be on that first page because that is how we will get organic traffic to our site.

To do SEO, we must do things like:

  • research the appropriate keywords to rank for
  • know what keywords to go after and what ones to forget about
  • pick keywords you have a chance of ranking for
  • use those keywords in the title, description, body and url of pages on our site
  • produce lots of content around those keywords
  • keep up with the algorithm changes on the search engines so we know what to do to try to rank
  • measure what\’s working and what\’s not and modify your techniques appropriately
  • be careful not to keyword spam with our content (as that will get you unranked and make it harder to rank in the future)
  • get tons of quality backlinks to your site with high quality link text
  • and many more things…


  • Getting the #1 spot on Google for a highly searched keyword is going to bring you a ton of high quality traffic
  • You can get ranked for long tail keywords with less effort if you try
  • High quality traffic


  • It\’s HARD to get that #1 spot except on very long tail keywords with less traffic
  • It takes a LOT of time and energy or LOTS of money (and preferrably both) to get the really high search keywords
  • It has to be constantly maintained as the search engine algorithms are always changing and they aren\’t published
  • You can rank on page 1 one day and the next day be on page 10 
  • It takes LOTS of testiing to discover what is working with the algorithms and the next day it might change
  • You must be dedicated to SEO to get and keep those top spots

My opinion of SEO:

It\’s a good traffic source for those who have the knowledge and resources to put into it.

The basics of SEO is something every person who produces content (and you have to produce some form of content even if it\’s just optin pages or you won\’t be successful) should be aware of whether or not you spend a ton of time and resources on it.

So what do you think of SEO?

Do you have any knowledge of it?

Reply back and give me your thoughts!

Are there any specific traffic sources you\’d like me to cover?  Reply and ask, and I\’ll cover them!  

Get your copy of Start With Why . I only read for a few minutes today, but it got me reflecting on my Why again. It\’s a great book! Be sure to get your own copy.

To your success!


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