Genesis 45:5

Now therefore be not agrieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: for God did bsend me before you to preserve life.


Joseph could have been angry with his brothers for selling him into Egypt, but instead he forgave them and saw the hand of God in what they did. There are many times I think we can look into what has happened and see the good that has come of it.


I am grateful for my kitty cat sleeping on my lap tonight. He is so cute and cuddly.

Random Thoughts

I have met so many wonderful people and made such good friends in Oak Hills. I\’m going to miss them when I move into Hesperia out of the ward.

Our ward boundries changed the weekend I was in Utah. I didn\’t think they\’d do it that weekend because it was fast sunday, but they did.

Many of my friends are now in the Phelan ward and what was the Maple ward is now in the Oak Hills ward. Luckily Jaina filled me in so I knew to go to the Maple building at noon instead of the Phelan building at 9am.

I met with the Bishop yesterday and talked about another trip to Utah so I can go to the funeral. The ward is going to help me out so I can go.


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