Genesis 45:7

And God sent me before you to apreserve you a bposterity in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance.


God sent Joseph ahead of his family into Egypt to prepare and save them \”by a great deliverance\”.  Likewise, Christ was sent to earth to prepare and save us \”by a great deliverance\”. Joseph made it possible for his family to live and Christ makes it possible for each of us to live.


I am grateful today for my sisters working to find me a place to stay in Utah and to Heather\’s ward for being so gracious to put us up.

Random Thoughts

I found out today that the people buying my house are members of the church. Lol. They came over for the house inspection and I overheard them talking about wards so I asked them if they are members and it turns out they are. Their real estate agent is too.

In between everything else I had to do today I got two video reviews done of new products being launched. I need to get at least that many done every day but it\’s going to be hard for the next few weeks with the trip to Utah (obviously I won\’t get any done on those days) and then finishing escrow on my house and moving.

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