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Rotate For Traffic as a Traffic Source

Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you have had a wonderful day!

I spent some time today getting a new lead magnet ready with an upsell product. 

Hopefully, I\’ll get it all finished and set up tomorrow so I can start using it.

Also, yesterday and today, I worked on some more  resources for the Success Journey.

I just need to publish them, maybe I\’ll get that done before I send this email today, so you all can see them!

Be sure to join the Success Journey! Don\’t delay.

It\’s nice, in ways, not to be going down to the school for the blind… I have more time to work… but it\’s also good to get out of the house lol.

So, I found a new traffic source today, and I figured I\’d share it with you.

It\’s called Rotate For Traffic and it is basically an ad share.

Or in other words, you pay for a share of traffic for the day and your link is added to the rotator where you get an equal share with all the other people who purchased a share of whatever traffic is brought in that day.

It may be 1 click (admittedly unlikely to be that low) or it may be 1,000 clicks or more.

So, what do you have to do…

  • Purchase a share of traffic
  • Submit your link
  • Sit back and wait for traffic to be delivered


  • Set and forget traffic
  • Claims to have highly niche-targeted traffic
  • Claims to work for any niche
  • Can get traffic at a really low price
  • They do the hard work – getting and monitoring the traffic – for you


  • Unless they have different rotators for different niches, I don\’t see how it can be truly niche-targeted (and maybe they do, admittedly I haven\’t tried it yet)
  • These types of ad shares can have really great traffic or really poor traffic, you just have to try them out to see
  • You have no control over the ads being used 

My opinion of Rotate for Traffic

As I\’ve admitted, I haven\’t tried them yet, though I intend to.  I do have doubts about the quality of the traffic, but I\’m hoping to be proved wrong. I look forward to seeing how many hits I get and how many opt-ins I get from my first test run of this traffic source, then I can evaluate them more fully.  You can\’t get much easier than this as far as implementation.

Don\’t forget to read a bit in Start With Why tonight. I\’m coming up on the end of the book, so I\’ll be moving to a new book soon 😁.

So what do you think of Rotate for Traffic?

Going to give it a try. yourself?

Write me back and tell me what you think of this type of ad share.

And, let me know what traffic sources you\’d like me to cover. 

To your success!


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