Rituals and Flexibility

Rosina here.  I hope you\’re having an awesome weekend!

I had a lot of fun today – both with things I did for business and some things that had NOTHING to do with business lol.

I went outside this morning first thing, to clean up the yard.  But the dog poop was too soft after all the rain we\’ve had so I put it off for a week  Let it dry out so it\’s easier to pick up without making a mess lol.  Of course that depends on how much rain we get this week and when, so we shall see.

So instead of that, I took Kaidin for our daily walk. He enjoyed it though he was disappointed that the dog that passed us went on the other side of the street instead of trying to play with him.  I\’m glad it avoided us lol.

Then I got to work on business and had fun working on the sales page for Traffic Magic.  I made some big changes to it.

And I made a banner for affiliates to use and posted that. 

If you\’re one of the affiliates for Traffic Magic you already heard all this 😄.

I also set up a system to spotlight people and reward them for being active in Traffic Magic. I can\’t wait to get that started now!

Oh it\’s so exciting.

And I did some other miscellaneous tasks that needed done.

Then I took some time for rest and rejuvenation and did something totally non-related.

I started building the Lego Bonsai tree that I got for Christmas.  It was so much fun; I was sad when the sun went down and I had to put it away.  The light in my house is not very good, so it was hard to read the instructions and differentiate all the colors of pieces (they are in color so you need good light to tell them apart).

I may work on it again tomorrow depending on how much time I spend helping others with family history and working on my own.

Here\’s a picture of the tree in its current state of build 

Of course, just as I started my evening rituals I remembered that I hadn\’t finished the laundry! Lol. I had started it in the morning, but never went out to the garage to move it into the dryer.

Oh well, I had to take time out of my reading to fold the clothes after they dried.

Speaking of rituals, the reading I did do was again about the positive rituals we can set up for ourselves. 

One thing I thought was important was that rituals do not always need to be rigid. 

The more high performance an activity is, the more specific the rituals around it tend to need to be, but when we plan our daily workout, etc. it need not and should not be the exact same thing every day.

For one thing, if we work the exact same muscles in the exact same way (whether that be your physical muscles or the meditation exercises or anything else that works your body, mind, emotions or spirit) it will eventually stop getting stronger – we need flexibility and change.

And for another, we will eventually get bored with our rituals and stop doing them. Once again, we need flexibility and change.

What is your traffic getting ritual?

Getting traffic is an important part of your business.

You know Traffic Magic can be a very easy part of your ritual. You just need 10 minutes or less to set it up, then it goes on with very little effort on your part.

I would just include checking on your stats and conversions once a month or so as part of your ritual. (We send you a link to get your hits information, your conversion tracking is up to you).

But that\’s all you have to do to include Traffic Magic in your traffic rituals. Can you imagine anything easier than that?

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