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Revisit of Free Facebook Traffic and ELM tool

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a good one!

It\’s snowing here in the high desert and the high tomorrow is not supposed to get above 42 (yesterday it was in the 70s) lol.

Hopefully the weather will not be too bad tomorrow morning when I take my friend to the school for the blind.

I only have to drop her off tomorrow and come home – she is staying with a friend for a couple days – which is good because the pass will probably be bad by afternoon.

So, I spent the day learning and using ELM to help do stuff on Facebook.

It\’s a good tool and automates some of the tasks you need to do on Facebook to get traffic, like finding friends and sending them messages, and responding to comments on your posts.

It also helps you send messages to a lot of people at once.

It gets around the Facebook anti-automation policy by doing everything through the browser which means you can\’t multi-task – the browser has to be open and the active application and the facebook tab it is using must be the active one, so all of that means you have to set it doing something and wait for it to finish before you can do anything else on your computer.

So it helps a great deal and is faster than you could do it manually, but it\’s still going to take a lot of time to get things done and you can\’t do anything else while waiting (at least not on the computer).

All in all, I think it is a good tool and I will use it to increase my activity on Facebook while I am doing other things around the house, but I don\’t think it will solve my issues with getting traffic through Facebook.

The traffic you get from activity on Facebook is very good traffic, I admit. 

It\’s just hard and time consuming to get a lot of it. 

But there are people who make 5-10K a month using only this type of Facebook traffic – but they have spent a LOT of time and energy to get to that point.

I\’ll give you a link for ELM one of these days when I find out if they have an affiliate program – I wasn\’t able to find one during my brief search today.

It does take a bit of training to learn how to actually use ELM – it\’s not obvious – and their website isn\’t great at that. I got training through the program I\’m a member of. So, I\’ll have to make some training for it for you too lol.

If you want to jump ahead and get it the way I did, check out OLSP and the VIP program.

So there we have a little bit more about a traffic source today – a revisit of Facebook traffic.

I have a great one in store for you tomorrow, so don\’t miss it!

I\’m also interested in your thoughts on free Facebook traffic, so reply back and let me know!

Are there any specific traffic sources you\’d like me to cover?  Reply and ask, and I\’ll cover them!  

Get your copy of Start With Why . It really is a great book.


To your success!


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