Recognizing Revelation

Michelle D. Craig, October 2019

  1. Be intentional about creating time and space to hear God\’s voice.
  2. Act without delay.
  3. Get your errand from the Lord.
  4. Believe and trust.


The Lord wants to help us by giving us revelation.  Sister Craig outlines these four ways we can help ourselves to recognize and receive more revelation.  I especially like to Act without delay. I think that if we act and do not doubt we will recognize it more quickly and receive it more often.


I am grateful for the time we had with Loren this last weekend.

Random Thoughts

Yesterday I had a long trip to get my car serviced, then to another place to get my tire patched where there was a nail, then to get a Covid test before my treatment tomorrow, then finally a good time at Shari\’s house. But I got home late and my computer battery was drained from all the time waiting for my car, so I didn\’t get to write yesterday.

We also found out yesterday that Loren was in the hospital again yesterday. This time for a secondary infection which turned out to be necrotizing facsiitis and spreading quickly.

Obviously this is not good and the sepsis from it will kill him before the brain tumor does now. 

He does not have long now. A couple of weeks at most but probably not that long.

The doctor told them to take him out to see/do any last things he wants to do and let him eat his favorite foods, another sign they don\’t expect him to live long.

I so wish there were something I could do for Heather and Mari. This is just hard and not fair.

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