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Putting Revenue Producing Activities First

Rosina here.  Happy Monday! And happy belated Easter!

I meant to schedule an Easter message on Saturday (with my Saturday message which I also did’t get done, lol).

But Saturday came and it was afternoon and suddenly I saw a message from Google Calendar pop up on my computer… “Traffic is heavy, it’s going to take you longer to get to March AFB” (well, not exactly thos words, but something like it)…

And then suddenly I remembered… I was supposed to be at a wedding reception in half an hour that was more than an hour’s drive away when there was no traffic!

Gah! I hurried up and changed, got my dog harnessed up and jumped in the car!

It took me a little less than an hour and a half to get there, driving as fast as I safely could with the traffic (which sometimes wasn’t very fast).

Lucky for me, they were an hour late starting, so I didn’t miss anything but standing around looking at the airplanes in the museum for an hour, lol.

It was a wonderful wedding reception and I’m happy for my friend’s daughter and her new husband, the lucky couple.

It was 9pm by the time I headed home, so I didn’t get home until after 10, read my scriptures and went to bed, lol.

On Easter, I was invited to a friend’s house for Easter dinner and birthday celebration for another friend.

We had a great time playing games and catching up now that we are in three different wards and don’t see each other all the time.

It was again nearly 9pm by the time I headed home, this time only a half hour drive.

I wasn’t falling asleep reading scriptures this time, but again all I did was read and then go to bed, lol.

So, all that to say apologies for not sending a message on Saturday. 

No apologies for Sunday, Sunday is reserved for worship, time with friends and family, and service anyway.

And Sunday was a wonderful day, with very good messages at Church and remembering the Savior and spending time with my friends.

So, my work on the website challenge has slowed down, just so you know. 

I worked on an intro and outro for the videos on Saturday and was just going to add them to the step 2 video and render it when that message from Google popped up, lol.

So, it didn’t get done Saturday. 

I did get it done today, but I didn’t get it uploaded yet and added to the page.

And that’s because listening to Russell Brunson’s podcast in the car, I realized that I need to focus more on RPAs… Revenue Producing Activities.

And while the website challenge will produce revenue eventually, it’s not right now.

And I am often skipping those things that do produce revenue right now because working on the challenge is fun and I get focused on it and don’t want to switch, so it eats up my RPA time, lol.

So, I am moving my RPA work to the morning, focus on that and then work on the challenge in the afternoon when it will be naturally limited by dinner and other stuff, lol.

So, while I will finish the challenge and the list building course for you, I will spend less time on it each day and so it will naturally take longer.

Meanwhile, I’ll be spending more time on marketing, making funnels and launching other products I have that are ready to go already, etc.

So, my apologies for taking longer on it than I’d hoped, but I don’t have a big team, yet, to do the grunt work, so I still have to do it, lol, and it does take time.

Still, thank you, for the reviews of each of the steps as they come out and for being patient with me and looking at the other things I am doing to produce income.

After all, even though I love making the courses, the business has to first make income, then I can spend more time on the courses and things.

I hope you are learning from this as well, and apply it in your business if it’s something you are struggling with too (whether it be building courses or something else that is keeping you from the RPAs).

So, I’ll talk about random things on days I don’t have a website challenge step for you.

Today that was putting RPAs first!

And here’s the first two parts of the website challenge.


Step 1: Your Domain

 Write me back and give me your reviews, if you haven’t already! Or just tell me what you thought of this email 😃.

To your success!


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