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Push Yourself A Little Harder

Happy weekend!  Hopefully you are having a great one.

I did the house and yard cleaning today and the laundry. Always so much fun 😝. I\’d rather work on my business anytime than do that cleaning stuff, but it has to be done, lol.

I did get to do some fun stuff though after the cleaning was done.  I put together another optin page (see it here – I welcome comments) and finished up a few last minute things for Massive Mail Path.  I think it is all finished now and ready for the launch on Tuesday!

I also reviewed an SEO evaluation a very kind person sent me of my home page at . There are some things I could do to improve SEO, of course.  I\’ll have to keep them in mind as I work on my website.

Let\’s get back to advertising. 

Advertising is something you have to do a little of every day. You have to be very persistent with it.

If you ever stop advertising, your traffic will stop and your business will die.

Push yourself a little harder to do some advertising for your business each day. It\’s like as if you were running, you can tell yourself, I only have to get to that stop sign. Then you get there and find you still have a little energy so you push yourself to go a little further.

We\’ll start talking about some of the ways you can do advertising both free and paid over the next week or so. So look forward to it!

Are you doing affiliate marketing?  My new product needs promotion and I\’m giving 100% commission on the front end!  So you get all the profit.

Check out the JV page and sign up to promote. 

When you sign up to promote, be sure to mention that you are on my mailing list and I will automatically approve you!

Just a reminder, tomorrow is Sunday, so I won\’t be sending an email. Have a happy Sunday!

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