Podcast As A Traffic Source

Rosina here.  Happy Saturday!  I hope you\’re having a great weekend.


My apologies for not writing yesterday, but I had a massive headache.


It\’s typical after one of these treatments, but sometimes it goes away earlier in the day.


Not my luck, this time though, I still have a little of it today, heh.


But on to the fun stuff.


I was playing with a new CRM – Contact Relationship Manager – today and integrating it with Zapier.


I\’ll introduce you to it soon 😀.


It was a lot of fun, especially the integration part, lol.


If you aren\’t using some kind of CRM, you should be, whether it\’s notes on a notepad or a trello board or a full fledged CRM solution.


Don\’t try to keep it all in your head, you\’ll miss things.


This one I\’m playing with works right on top of Gmail, so it brings the tools right to where you need them most.


But, we\’ll save that for another day 😄.


For today… let\’s talk about Podcasts…


Now, I realized after I wrote my message on Thursday, that here I was writing about using other people\’s podcasts… but I hadn\’t talked about using your own podcasts yet.


So, let\’s talk about that.


A podcast (you probably already know what it is, but here it is anyway…) is an audio program like talk radio that you can strea on your computer or lots of other devices and listen to whenever yoou want.


Podcasts are a great source of traffiic.


So what does it take to do a podcast.

  • Pick a topic in your niche
  • Source content regularly around your topic
  • Create an audio program around the content


  • You can reach a lot of people with a well produced podcast
  • Traffic you get from it is highly targetted – these are people who are interested in what you have to say and made the effort to enter the url you promoted
  • You can reach people for a LONG time after you produce the podcast


  • You\’ve got to pick a schedule and stick with it and have content for every episode
  • You become one of those people we talked about yesterday always looking for good content
  • It can take a lot of work

So what do you think about doing a podcast?


Ready to jump in there and start one?


I thought about it for a while, lol… but I didn\’t do it.


Though I have several good podcasts I listen to when I\’m in my car.


It\’s a lot of work, but it\’s also a lot of good traffic if you attract a good audience.


So write me back and tell me what you think and what your plans are.


Also, let me know what traffic sources you\’d like me to cover. 


Get your copy of Start With Why . It truly is a great book! I didn\’t get to read tonight because I went to stake conference, but I read for a while last night exploring again the culture that Jobs and Wozniak built with Apple. Be sure to get your own copy.


Have a great night! (or day or whenever you read this 🙂


To your success!



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