Picking A Path And Sticking To It

Rosina here. Happy Thursday!  I hope you had a beautiful one.

I am extremely tired tonight after driving down to the school for the blind and back.

I did also go to the temple and that was wonderful.

But the road down the pass is a little two lane road that is twisty and difficult to drive.

It\’s debatable if that road or the freeway is the better way to go – each has its own stressors.

It\’s like that in our own businesses too. 

There are usually more than one option for anything we want to do.

The thing we have to do is evaluate each option and pick the best one for us.  

Then, once we are on that path we have to stick with that path and push through it, whether it be hard or easy or more likely some mixture of both.

The important thing is that we stay on our path and work it with our entire focus.

Just like when we are on that windy and twisty road, we have to stick with it until we get to the end even when it\’s really tough.

Have you taken some time to evaluate the offers you promote relative to the traffic you are promoting them to, like we talked about yesterday?

Here too is something you have to really stick to even when the going gets tough and the evaluation difficult.

Make your plan and stick to it.

Like we talked about yesterday,

  • consider where your source is coming from
  • evaluate the niche they represent
  • look for offers in that niche
  • consider what offers match up with that specific source

Then you can choose your offer and promote to that source!  And stick to it!

Now if you haven\’t joined Traffic Magic yet, I highly suggest you do. 

And get it set up and driving traffic to your offer quickly!


So, go check it out.

Want to talk to me about any of this? Reply back to me with \”Tell me more\”. I look forward to hearing from you!

To your success!


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