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Persistence Through All Adversity

I took my friend down to the Lighthouse School for the Blind today. That took up a good part of my day, but I still got one web page made in preparation for doing a review of a product. 

My plan is to do that tomorrow around all the stuff I have to do for the doctors (some bloodwork) and errands I have to run.

I also got started on some web pages for the Cash Now funnel I presented to you yesterday.  This is based on some pages my sponsor gave me to copy 😆.  That is the nice thing about a program where you have a sponsor and a web page editor with share codes.  You\’ll get them too when you join.

I found a good definition of Persistence today that I want to share with you.

Persistence is sustained effort in the face of all odds and all adversity.

Persistence creates faith, and faith is the only known antidote for failure.

You\’re looking for success aren\’t you?  Of course, you are.  Then you MUST be persistent.  Success doesn\’t come quickly. It rarely comes easily.  It only comes after many, many failures. You must persist through those failures to reach success.

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