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Persistence – The Secret To Success

Rosina here. Happy Thursday! I hope yours was great!

I\’m glad my treatment is tomorrow.

This last week has been a struggle, despite all the things I\’ve done and the great work on my Why.

And, I got a call from my doctor\’s office. Apparently, it was time for my physical and EKG and labs again before I could have my next treatment (tomorrow).

Now, no one had told me it was time for this (like the tech who prepares patients for the treatments usually does), so I had no idea it was time for it, so of course it had not been done.

But apparently the supervisor was reviewing the records that the new techs were supposed to be using to prepare patients for treatment and found it.

The supervisor called me and said that I wasn\’t supposed to have a treatment if I hadn\’t had it done.

There was, of course, no way I could get in to see my primary care doctor today for a physical and EKG, let alone get the labs done (that have to be done fasting for 12 hours prior). And even if I could have, the treatment doctor would not get the results by tomorrow morning at 6:30am when my treatment is.

So what was I to do?

I called my primary care doctor\’s office and found that the earliest appointment I could get was February 15th.

The supervisor relented and decided I could go ahead and have the treatment tomorrow so I wouldn\’t experience a setback, but that I would absolutely have to have it done before my next one.

February 15th will be before my next treatment, so I\’m good there. Luckily I was able to get the appointment on the 15th instead of her being scheduled out 6 weeks or more like she often is.

So what\’s the lesson in all this?

You know, even when you\’re having trouble you still have to push through.

In fact, you have to keep going and work hard especially when it\’s tough to do so.

Life, or even business, will not always go smoothly. 

In fact, it will be full of high mountains and deep valleys.

Sometimes you have to hang in there and keep working on it despite the great troubles that come along.

Persistence is one of the biggest secrets to success.

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To your success!


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