This Sunday church was a farewell for one young woman leaving on her mission. She gave a good talk and I\’m sure will be an excellent missionary.

Today I had a medical treatment and then slept off the effects of the anesthesia when I got home, so I didn\’t get much done lol.  But health is important and the treatments help me feel better, so that is an important part of life.

Now I just need to be productive the rest of the week!

Let\’s consider Persistence.

There is no substitute for persistence!  We absolutely need persistence to be successful. 

Sometimes the going is tough. We have trials and tribulations. But we absolutely must persist through them to get to the other side where success is.

Pick something and stick to it. Don\’t let the struggles deter you.

One thing you can do to help develop the habit of persistence is to have a friend or mentor who will encourage you to follow through with your plan and purpose.

Don\’t listen to the detractors. Keep those around you who support you.

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