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People Pay For Transformation

How was your Thursday? There was beautiful weather here today. It\’s starting to be fall.

So I hope you had a great Thursday!

My giveaway ended this afternoon so tomorrow I will send a message to the winner and get the information I need to send them their prize.

Day 4 of the Your First Funnel Challenge was great! Were you there?

All about building the funnel. I missed the first part unfortunately, so I\’ll have to go back and watch the replay before tomorrow\’s session.

But Russell made an incredible offer that you\’d be crazy to pass up if you  have any thoughts of using Clickfunnels. 

Among plenty of other incredible stuff, it included Clickfunnels 2.0 and 1.0 for a year each for less than the cost of 1.0 alone lol.  

And that doesn\’t even begin to cover what the full offer included. It was incredible.

Luckily I had some money set aside from something else that didn\’t happen.  So I jumped in.

If you weren\’t there, be sure to register, get the VIP pass and watch the replay of day 4.  You may not be able to get the full package offered to the live attendees, but I think you can still pick up the core package. 

It really was incredible.

I watched another webinar this evening and was reminded of a very important point.

\”People no longer pay for information, they pay for transformation\”

\”People buy because they want something specific.\”

This is a very good point to remember in your advertising. It\’s something one of Russell\’s guests yesterday made a point of in her examples, though she didn\’t state it so clearly and specifically.

Inbox Nova is a product launched today that will help validate your emails on your list and make sure they actually exist, aren\’t blacklisted emails, or spam traps which will help you keep your mailing list clean and make your deliverability better.

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