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Other People\’s Podcasts as a Traffic Source

Rosina here.  Happy Thursday! Hope you\’re having a great day!

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I did some work on it today and added a couple new sections about the Google Workspace catch-all email I made the video for yesterday!

So go look for that in the Training section…

It\’s a very useful tip!

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Just keep in mind, it\’s still in the beginning phases and it will grow.

I didn\’t learn anything life changing today, lol.

Guess you can\’t do that every day.

But I did start to play with the new AI features in Clickfunnels.

It\’s awesome! They\’ve done a great job integrating it.

It must be ChatGPT based, though they didn\’t say so specifically. 

But I\’ve seen a lot of the AI engine integrations coming out lately and it is most like a ChatGPT integration.

Anyway, if you want to try out Clickfunnels, click here for a 14-day trial to 2.0 I\’ve arranged.

It\’s getting better and better all the time.

In case you\’re wondering, Success Journey is established on it and my blog will be moving there.

So, what traffic source should we talk about today…

How about driving traffic through other people\’s podcasts.

That would be cool, wouldn\’t it. 

Get traffic without even doing a podcast!

What you need to do to drive traffic through other people\’s podcasts…

  • Find some niche related topical subjects
  • Have an opinion/content on that subject
  • Contact mid-range podcasters (not the big guys until your a major influencer)
  • Invite them to promote your content on their podcast

Easy enough, right!


  • Podcasters are always looking for great content and topics to talk about, so it\’s an easy sell
  • It\’s another great way to promote the content you\’re creating
  • Lot\’s of great traffic from it
  • As you get known, you may even start having podcasters coming to you


  • It can take a little time to develop and nurture relationships with the podcaster
  • Podcasters may not even respond to you at first, but keep going!

My opinion of driving traffic through other people\’s podcasts:

I think it\’s an awesome way to drive great traffic, though I have to admit I\’ve not done it myself.  But the people I know who do, drive a LOT of traffic that way.

Like with anything good it takes a lot of persistence. You have to regularly produce content. And you have to keep contacting podcasters even when they don\’t reply to you, especially at first.

So what do you think about driving traffic through other people\’s podcasts?

Going to go for it?

Reply back and let me know what you think!

Also, let me know what traffic sources you\’d like me to cover. 

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Well, I got my writing done today before I go to my Relief Society meeting 😃. So you get an email!

I\’ll try to be as good tomorrow despite my treatment.

To your success!


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