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My Poor Little Macbook Air…

Rosina here.  Happy Thursday! Hope you had a great day!

I was hoping to go to the temple today even though I’m not taking my friend to the school for the blind anymore.

But when I went to make my appointment yesterday, I remembered that the temple is closed for two weeks for cleaning. So I won’t be able to go for a while.

But, I kept myself plenty busy!

I attended a couple webinars and worked on my next step for My First Website.

Unfortunately, my computer wasn’t cooperating…

Okay, it’s not the computer’s fault, I was asking a lot of it…

It kept running out of memory while I was recording because I was asking it to record while it was rendering a previous recording.

My poor little old (literally) Macbook Air just can’t handle that much at once, lol.

Unfortunately, that means I didn’t finish the video and the video is pretty essential to the step.

So, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the next step. 

With luck, I’ll get both of the next steps done tomorrow… 

I can dream, lol, but I probably won’t because I have several appointments tomorrow.

But I will work to finish this video and get that ready for you.

Oh the fan in my computer just slowed down, hopefully that means its done rendering and uploading so I can do more on my computer.

I tend to switch back and forth between things, so I have a lot of things open, lol. I had to shut them all down and let ScreenPal do its rendering.

For once, the only things I had open were ScreenPal (doing the rendering) and Chrome… and for a while there I had to shut Chrome down too to let ScreenPal have more memory, so for a change I ate dinner without also working on the computer.

So anyway, all of that to say that the lesson isn’t ready yet, but here are the Intro and Step 1, in case you didn’t get a chance to go through them yet.

Please do and write me back with some feedback!

To your success!


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