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My (Long) Story About Heat Pumps… and What I Learned

Rosina here.  Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

To be perfectly honest, I am NOT enjoying the cold.

Let me tell you a story…

Saturday, my compressor outside was making a lot of noise, later in the day it was only making noise off and on, then it quit altogether.

 I didn\’t know why (I am no good at this house maintenance stuff, though I\’ve been a homeowner for a long time).

I called the Bishop of my church, as I thought all the noise must mean something was going to break, to see if there was somebody in the ward who knows anything about this stuff, but there wasn\’t.

My heater was having a harder and harder time keeping up with the cold and it was getting cold in the house.

By Sunday morning, it was barely 54 degrees in the house (as you can imagine I did NOT want to get out of bed into the cold, but I did) and continued to drop – by the time the sun came up it was down to 51F.

I decided the heater must be broken and the noise from outside, and now lack thereof, was the indicator.

So, I called a heating repair company after searching Google long and hard for one nearby – I almost had to hire one from 60+ miles away, but I did find one in the next city over that was open on Sunday and available.

They scheduled me for a 12-2pm window, but then called me and offered to come right over right then (which was about 10am). 

Of course I welcomed the early call!

When the repair man showed up, he taught me something new about heaters…

I don\’t have a heater at all, but a heat pump!

And heat pumps do not work when the temperature is below 36F and it is WELL below that!

Imagine what I was thinking and feeling!

Who in their right mind (the previous owners, apparently) would install a heat pump when exactly when you need it is exactly when it doesn\’t work.

And although I live in the desert, I live in the HIGH desert and it DOES get cold up here especially at night in the winter, sometimes for weeks and even a month or more every year.

When I first moved up to the high desert I even got snowed in at my previous home for a week at a time each year for the first three years I lived there (then we had a drought and no snow for several years)… the point being… it does get cold and stays cold for more than a day or so.

The repair man also told me that the compressor had frozen up (that was the noise it was making – trying to run when it was freezing up) with all the ice on it (it\’s covered in ice still).

And he said, I can\’t turn the heat on again until it\’s warm enough for the heat pump to work, the ice to melt on the compressor and the compressor to thaw out.

Since my compressor is in the shade 90% of the day, it will take more than 36F outside for the last two to happen.

It\’s supposed to get warm enough to rain tomorrow (actually it started raining tonight), but the highs are still not supposed to be above 44F.

Wednesday, it might get up to 48 or so. 

Then Thursday and Friday it\’s supposed to go right back down with highs in the upper 30s and lows in the teens.

So, it\’s probably going to be a week or so before I can turn the heat back on for more than an hour or two a day.

Hopefully, when I turn the heat back on I won\’t find that my compressor is damaged from trying to run when it was freezing up and frozen.

And we\’re supposed to get another cold front coming through next week.

So the temperatures may come up for a couple days, but they\’ll be back down next week.

I searched all the stores in the high desert, but NONE of them had ANY space heaters. 

In fact, Home Depot, has been out for a month and doesn\’t expect any more this season.

Amazon couldn\’t get me one until Friday (or Tuesday, if I was willing to pay $30 shipping for a $40-$70 product).

Luckily, my Bishop came to my rescue and brought over 2 radiator style space heaters (which his son doesn\’t want anymore so they are now mine) and my Relief Society President, who was in Arizona yesterday, found a very small space heater in one of the stores in Arizona and brought it home for me last night which I can use on my desk.

So, the temperature is now up to about 60F in my house in the daytime in the rooms the radiators are in (don\’t go down to the office – it\’s FREEZING down there)

Not great, but certainly better than 50 degrees with promise to drop lower.

So now that I\’ve told you my (what turned into a very long) story, the question is what did I learn from it all, lol…

There\’s always something to be learned and better to learn than to get upset, you know…

So, well ..

I certainly learned something about heaters, heat pumps (which I had never even heard of), and compressors… 

I learned to ask about such things BEFORE buying a house – someone must have known! (but obviously, I had no context to even know that such a question needed asking)… 

and I got it reemphasized to ask for help – always a good thing even if you don\’t always want to do it lol.

oh, and… be prepared for the cold next time around! (now that I know, I can be 🙂

So, since this turned into such a long email, I\’m not going to go on longer (you\’re probably happy about that :).

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To your success!


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