Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a wonderful day!

I got a lo accomplished today, I just kept going and going and going

I did take time out to run one quick errand, but other than that it was working away at marketing and finishing up my community listings site.

Now to get listings on it and from that get prospects!

Check out High Desert Offer!

There’s still some things to continue to work on on it, but it’s mostly done and ready to accept listings.

In fact, I imported a few to start out with today, I just need to finish them and start contacting them.

I was listening to Russell Brunson today talk about the Hero’s Journey and how when the hero receives the call to do some great thing fear instantly kicks in and the brain starts considering all the reasons for not doing it.

And one of two things happen, the person either refuses the call and moves forward in fear, or he accepts the call and moves forward in faith.

So, the question is, which do you do when you come to a cross in the road?

90% of the people let their fear prevail and take the “safe” road. 

I want to be in the 10% and it’s not always easy, in fact it rarely is.  But that’s where success lies.

I’ll leave you to spend some time to think about that.

If you guessed that the next thing I’m going to talk about to do with PLR is writing an ebook…. you’re right!

There are some great tools to use to put your ebook together with, but first you have to write it.

So, take your PLR, usually several of them and create your own content based on them.  

Sometimes it’s helpful to use the structure of some PLR source as a framework to write your own within.  Don’t follow it exactly, but use it as a guide.

You have your own insights from what you learned in studying those PLR sources, so expand on them and share it with the world!

You can use writing tools to help you put your ideas into well written chapters.

With the help of writing tools or if you are a very prolific writer, you can easily write a basic ebook in a couple of hours.

Ebooks can vary in length from a basic ebook of 30 or 40 pages to 100 or 200 or more (though if you’re going longer than that you might want to consider more formal publishing :).

Basic ebooks are great for using as lead magnets, bonuses and other such things.

Longer ebooks can be used for that as well and you can sell them, etc.

You can create your ebook with Google Docs (yep, I’ve done it), but there are great tools to help you and make it far, far easier…

Check out Sqribble, it is awesome!

And, Write me back and tell me what you think of writing an ebook, or what you’re going to do with all this.

To your success!


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