After New Jersey, our next move took us to Huntsville, Alabama where we lived for four years.

My sister, Tanya Lorelei Bignall was born during our time in Alabama.

We also became good friends with the Keeney family who are friends to this day and my parents (well, my dad now) have regular contact with them and, if I remember correctly, my parents and the Keeney\’s got together during my parents\’ last cross country road trip in the fall of 2021. The Keeney\’s have always been good friends to our family ever since we met them.

I do have memories, though a little vague, of our time in Alabama. I remember playing with the Keeney kids and going to Kindergarten.  I remember Primary at church.

I remember watching Sesame Street, and Mister Roger\’s Neighborhood, and another big name one that I can\’t think of the title right now.  You might not recognize these, depending on your age, but they were a BIG deal when I was growing up. 

Big Bird from Sesame Street is still pretty iconic.  And of course, there is ALWAYS Kermit the Frog. Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch, Ernie and Bert and oh, musn\’t forget Mr. Snuffulupagous… oh the memorable Sesame Street characters.

Some of my memories of the TV shows probably come from a little later time than just when we were in Alabama, but they start here.

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