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Motivation and Inspiration

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday!  I hope you had a wonderful, productive day!

Sorry I didn\’t get a message out yesterday… I attended a church activity and got home late so no message got written.

It was a fun activity though – a service auction.

One of the sisters there had made a lap blanket from very soft yarn and I got to bring it home purchased with my tickets from the good things I\’ve done in my life, lol.

I was going to donate a dog training lesson, but I arrived late and they\’d already set everything up and I hadn\’t made something to represent my service item – a certificate or something.  I should have thought of that.

I\’ll know better next time there\’s a service auction so I can participate better.  Who knows when that will be, lol.

I\’ve had some great thoughts about a Valentine\’s Day gift for you!

I\’m excited to give it to you.

Just wait until you see what it is!

Oh, I\’m excited to share it! 

But I\’ve got to finish putting it together and it\’s not quite Valentine\’s Day yet, so you\’ll just have to wait a few more days… hehe

I only have a limited number of them I can give out, though, and I\’ve got a lot of people to share it with.

So be sure to jump on it when you see it.

For now, though, I\’ve got a new site for you to see that I put together yesterday.

Check it out here!

It\’s a great system for newbies to get started with or for those that are struggling to make commissions.

Every little bit helps build success and that\’s where things are going.

I was reading today about charisma and energy.

One motivates, the other inspires.

Which do you think inspires and why does that matter?

Reply back and let me hear your thoughts.

And be sure to read Start With Why.

To your success!



P.S. Check out the new site.

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