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Mastering Audience Attraction – The First Pillar Of Attraction Marketing

Rosina here.  Happy Thursday. I hope you\’re having a great week!

Sorry I didn\’t write yesterday. I got working on something and before I knew it, my laptop was out of power and it was time to go to bed! I will make sure I write first instead of getting involved in something lol.

Unfortunately, I found out today that one of my pipes is leaking under my house and it\’s going to be a major repair to fix it, and that what the house really needs is a whole house repipe because more pipes are just going to break soon – which is even more expensive. And I had to turn the water off in the house to stop the leak until it can be repaired. Oh the frustrations and expenses of home ownership!

Well, let\’s get back to the Pillars of Attraction Marketing.

Remember, Attraction Marketing is about bringing your customers or members to you instead of chasing after them.

So, the first Pillar of Attraction Marketing is just exactly that, mastering audience attraction. 

We need to work on ways to attract the kind of people that will be interested in our program or offer or other project.

In your lead capture pages, in your sales pages, in your advertising, in all places where you interact with potential prospects so that they come knocking on your door not the other way around.

How do you attract people to you? I\’d be interested in hearing your stories!

Stay tuned for tomorrow for the next pillar of attraction marketing!

I want to rave, today, about the Aweber support team!  

I have been on the support chat 3 times today and had one email support ticket… a very busy day online (despite the house stuff).

I rarely bug them, to be honest, but today was an exceptional day trying out new stuff and doing some testing of subscription forms.

Every time they were able to clearly explain what was going on and seek out the answer I needed.  Their support was exceedingly good!So, if you don\’t have an autoresponder yet or just need a better one, I highly recommend Aweber.

An autoresponder is essential in business.

Aweber has a free trial too that you can use with up to 500 subscribers. If you are just starting to build your list, it\’s perfect for getting started.

Click here and get started with Aweber.

Take care and talk to you tomorrow!

To your success!

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