Marketing To The Early Adopters

Rosina here.  Happy Saturday!  I hope you\’re having a wonderful weekend!

Well, no excuses were to be found this morning, it wasn\’t even that cold outside, so once the sun was up enough to light the yard it got cleaned up, lol.

Then I spent the day rearranging some things in my mailing list so that I can start sending you more valuable content and information about valuable products you can use.

I didn\’t quite finish that to get things to run automatically, but I will finish it up in the next few days.

This evening I was reading about the Law of Diffusion of Innovations which Everett M Rogers used to formally describe how innovations spread through society.

In it there are the Innovators which are the ones to create new products.

The Early Adopters who see the value in something new even before it is perfected and will pay a premium or endure difficulties to use a new product.

Then there is the Early Majority who adopt something after they see it working well for someone else.

The Late Majority who adopt something after seeing even more people using it.

And the Lagards who adopt something because there is no other choice. They adopted touch tone phones because you couldn\’t get rotary phones anymore.

We all fit in all different parts of the curve for different products at different times.

For example, you can tell me all about the great quality fabric and incredible workmanship of some designer clothing style, but I won\’t buy it until I have to and even then probably won\’t buy the designer version.

But some new product to help me do business online comes out and I want to find out all about it and experience it for myself.

I sit in two vastly different parts of the curve for those two types of products.

Marketing to the majority is very expensive and very time consuming. And that\’s where manipulation comes into marketing.

Marketing to the Innovators and Early Adopters means your really need to know your Why and that product must support it. 

But those people are the ones who will be loyal and share their experience and thereby influence the majorities and tip them towards buying your products.

Be sure to read Start With Why.

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The first one is building your list that I talked about yesterday.


Reply back to me and tell me what you learned from this or just say \”Tell me more\” and I will.

To your success!


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