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Marketing And A Date

Rosina here. Happy Weekend! I hope you\’re having a great one!

I\’m still recovering from my treatment yesterday. I still have a headache from it – usually that goes away after one night\’s rest and sometimes earlier.

Sorry for not writing you yesterday, but I wasn\’t feeling well after my treatment and I didn\’t get to sleep like I usually do.

The anesthesia and the shock will do that to you sometimes lol.

Plus I had appointments all afternoon to keep me from resting.

So, it was quite the busy day and even the night\’s rest didn\’t do it for me heh.

But it\’s time to move on and get into things.

I got through the mail that\’s been piling up for a while this morning and did some stuff for taxes.

And I found out that I have jury duty on Tuesday, lol. Good thing I found it now and not in another week ;).

So Monday I will be calling the court to see if I have to report.

I\’ve had plenty of jury notices in my life, but I\’ve never actually served or even report in all my life, lol. 

So we\’ll see what this one brings.

I was reading tonight and Simon Sinek was comparing selling to a date.

When your date knows WHY not just what you are, you might get a second date.

And if your customer knows WHY, you have a greater chance of making a sale.

Our affiliate based marketing and internet marketing in general, though, breeds bringing out the WHAT you have to offer more than WHY you believe in it.

It tends to be all about what big things the package does for you and how many and how big of bonuses you are offering rather than WHY you are offering the package.

It makes you wonder how much of a difference you could make in selling if you could focus on the WHY rather than the what.

What kind of difference do you think it would make if you could do that?

If you haven\’t read it, I strongly suggest Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

To your success!


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