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Make A Plan And ACT On It

Rosina here. Happy Wednesday!  Did you have a wonderful day?   Reply back and say \”Wonderful!\”

The insurance inspector made her way over here today and… guess what… they aren\’t going to cover anything, heh. So now, I get to figure out how I can cover it and see if they can do the work while tearing out less than the restoration company says they have to do.  But, at least it can move forward now.

Let\’s get back to list building…

Your list building is going to be slow at first. You might only get one or two a day. But make a plan and act on it.

That\’s the most important thing, ACT.

Nothing happens if there is no action. Even imperfect action is better than no action.

Keep making lead magnets. Keep making funnels. And keep putting them out there.

It\’s up to you to move forward. No one can get you moving but you.

Learn while you earn. Keep learning!

Set yourself a goal and stick to it.  It works if you work it.  Always keep learning. Always keep building.

We are never done building our subscriber list. Attract them. Capture them. Email them. Befriend them. Monetize them. Repeat.

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To your success!

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