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Little Rituals That Make A Big Difference

Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!  I hope your weather is better than ours! lol

It\’s Tuesday and was time to take my friend to the school for the blind.

So after my morning rituals and planning for the day, I headed out to pick her up.

It was raining a little but not terrible, but boy was the wind blowing.

My trash can has been blown over and across to the edge of the neighbors yard. Luckily they have a row of trees there or it\’d be a lot further.

The GPS said it was going to take over an hour too get there (usually it\’s about 50 minutes or so).

We headed down the pass and it got foggier and foggier and the rain got harder and harder. I could barely see the car in front of me much of the way.

I slowed down and drove carefully, but my windshield wipers were going full tilt and I could still barely see.

Luckily I saw a boulder in the road before I hit it, just barely in time to swerve around it – it had rolled down the mountain side onto the road.

It took us 40 minutes to drive a third of the way there, which got us to the freeway. 

The GPS said we still had over an hour to go to get to the school, actually longer than when we started, and we\’d already been driving for 40 minutes.

I couldn\’t see much, but I could see that the freeway was backed up and it was barely moving.

I made an executive decision and decided to turn around and go back home.

The weather was just too bad and it was too risky to keep driving.

So I took her home and came home myself, another 30+ minute drive – a different route that was easier to drive in the rain and less traffic going the opposite way.

If you\’ve been following the storms on the west coast of the US, you know that about 17 people have already died in the LA area due to these storms the past few weeks and that doesn\’t count the ones further north where the storms are even worse.

There were two major sink holes that have opened up under roads today and swallowed cars – one over 35 feet deep.  Luckily they\’ve been able to rescue all the people from those cars I think, but the cars are goners.

And there\’s plenty of trees blown over, mudslides, bridge supports taken out by flooding, and lots of other problems.

I\’m glad we didn\’t continue down into the valley where the flooding is even worse than it is up here in the high desert (and there\’s plenty of flooding up here).

We\’ll get a couple days break, but then another storm will bring the rain back Friday and for the weekend (doesn\’t look like my yard will get cleaned up again 😆).

We\’ll probably make it to the school on Thursday provided there\’s no major road closures between here and there due to the storm.

During my reading time tonight, I finished The Power of Full Engagement. It was a very good book and I highly recommend it.

Most of what I read this evening where the notes and resources.  They have some good resources that cover many specifics on topics they cover in the book.

So, I picked up the 30 Days book where I left off in the middle of one of the 30 Day plans. It\’s amazing what some of these plans say they will accomplish in one day. 

I still have work to do to be that effective in a day. But I do know that I am getting more done and being more effective than I was even 6 months ago.

You can get there if you work at it and put things in place to help you accomplish your goals.

I review my goals and mission each day. Just that one little ritual I\’ve been putting in place makes such a big difference.

Traffic is such a huge part of our internet business. I also have a ritual around it.

It varies each day, as I enjoy the change, but I keep a list of \”Traffic To Dos\”. 

Each day, at a certain time, I put away whatever else I am doing and focus on things that will bring in traffic.

I select one item on my list and do it.  Some of those things are \”one off\” things that I set up and they constantly bring in Traffic and only need checked on once in a while.  Others are things I need to do more regularly.

Each item on the list has its own repeat cycle and reappears on the list when it is time that it needs to be reviewed or done again.

Some things, like Facebook have a few days in their cycle, others I review or work on again every week or every month or even every few months.

Traffic Magic is one of those things you can put on your once a month or even less schedule.  Just take some time to set it up, then check your stats every once in a while on a schedule that works for you.

You won\’t get a lot of traffic from it right now since it\’s just getting started but still once a day or two. And as we get more and more people and bring in other sources of hits, it will get greater and greater.

It\’s less than $5 per month – where are you going to get a better deal than that for 15-30 or so good, quality hits? lol. That\’s way less than it would cost you for solo ads, Google ads, or FB ads and way less than it would take you in time for free traffic.

The goal is to eventually bring you 100 or so hits per month.

If you haven\’t already, get yourself set up in Traffic Magic and join the growing team.

Want to talk to me more about this or any of the topics I cover?  Send me an email with the subject \”Tell me more\”.

To your success!


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