Listening To And Acting On Revelation

Joseph received multiple revelations about Jesus and taking care of him. The shepherds and wise men also received revelations and we can each receive revelations in our lives relevant to us.

It is an incredible gift to us from a loving Heavenly Father that wants the best for us. 

It is truly amazing, the revelations we can receive. They can be big and major occurrences like the shepherds in the field seeing an angel or Joseph being told in a dream to take his family to Egypt. But more likely they will be thoughts and impressions, warm feelings, or other such things.

Like yesterday, I was feeling upset and frustrated and didn\’t want to do anything. Now I had accomplished a great deal in the morning and things were going well, so I had no reason to be so upset and frustrated. I couldn\’t figure it out and that only made me more frustrated and upset.

Then the thought came to me, \”turn up the heat\”, and I realized that I was fighting being cold so hard and that was probably not helping my mood. So, I turned up the heat, and guess what?  As it got warmer in the house and I stopped having to work so hard to be comfortable, the anger and frustration went away and I felt better and started to want to do something again. 

That one little thought was a small revelation to me to help me feel better. It was a huge help in my day.

In my business this week, a friend and I were talking about a product I just started and together we came up with an idea that has already, just in the day since I implemented it has brought in an increase in customers.  It was another revelation relevant to my life.

Those little things are absolutely incredible.

And the most important thing is to act on those revelations.

Joseph acted on his and married Mary despite the social customs. Then later he took his family to Egypt and returned when Herod was dead.

The shepherds acted on theirs and came and saw the baby Jesus.

The wise men acted on theirs to both travel to Bethlehem and not return to Herod.

I acted on mine, by turning the heat up and implementing the idea.

When we act on our promptings or revelations we show our faith and it makes us stronger recipients, better able to receive revelations the next time.

Even acting on small things like turning the heat up helps us be able to recognize promptings again the next time.

For more on this and find these and more examples of those receiving and acting on revelations see Matthew 2 and Luke 2 in the New Testament (and plenty of other scriptures).

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