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LinkedIn Another Great Place For Targeted Traffic

Remember that doctor that I went to a several weeks ago and ended up sitting in the waiting room for almost 3 hours?  Well I went to see her again. They promised me I would not have to wait because they rescheduled me twice. Well I ended up waiting an hour, but compared to the 3 hour wait that wasn\’t too bad and thankfully I didn\’t get rescheduled again lol. 

I did some work on fixing up the courses page because it was designed for a different learning system than I am currently using. And I added a Family of Sites page. 

 I also redesigned the logo, though I haven\’t decided if it\’s what I want or not. Comment below and tell me which one you like.

 This one…

Or the old one…


Or maybe you think I should go back to the drawing board?

Give me your honest opinion please. I appreciate it!

Well unfortunately, I just now discovered that my delay in getting a new laptop must come to an end. I\’ve had several keys become sticky over the last few months and had to reboot more and more often  telling me that my computer is getting too old. But as of just now, I have a rather important key that is totally stuck – the delete key -, it either won\’t work at all or it\’s stuck down and deleting everything I\’ve typed. I\’ve already lost part of this email several times heh.

I guess it\’s time to stop delaying.

Do you use LinkedIn to advertise and generate traffic?  It\’s actually a really good place to use.

Spend some time setting up your profile positioning yourself as an expert in your niche.

Then simply post reviews that you do and articles that you write for your blog on LinkedIn as well.

It doesn\’t take much time to do and will bring in highly targeted free traffic.

Take a look at LinkedIn for yourself.

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