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Linger Longer

Rosina here. Happy Monday!  I kept busy and had a wonderful weekend.

A friend of mine in the stake got a hold of me and asked if I would do a video for her to put in the stake Facebook group on Tuesday. She had a light and microphone and everything, so she came to my ward to enjoy the time in our ward and then set up the equipment and do the recording afterward.

Our ward had a Linger Longer or in other words a potluck lunch after church and my friend was extra excited about that so we put off the recording until after the Linger Longer.

There was some good food some people had brought for the Linger Longer so we had a good lunch.   I brought some grapes to share but someone else had also brought grapes to share so I didn’t get mine out, lol.

We got to visit with other members of the ward as well – that’s rather the point of the event and what you’re suppose to do when you “Linger Longer”, lol.

So, with that and the recording, it was a longer day at church yesterday. 

I started working on another new book this weekend. Hopefully I’ll get the layout finished in a couple more days. It’s all written just need to make it look good. Then I’ll add it to theebookcorner,com!  It’s going to be awesome, I can’t wait for you to see it!

Keep an eye out and get ready to jump on the stuff I have coming out!

To your success!


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