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Lessons From One Of My Best Memories

Rosina here.  Happy Halloween!!  Are you getting lots of little goblins trick or treating at your house?

We had a great party on Saturday and the kids went around the parking lot \”trunk or treat\”ing multiple times.  

I got some good pictures of some of the kids and some of the adults in their costumes. I wanted to put together a collage of them, but I didn\’t get it done yet. It will probably have to wait for next weekend.

Instead of doing the collage of halloween pictures, I spent time putting a new theme on my website and writing about one of my best memories for my life history.

I\’d like to share them both with you and get your thoughts on them.

You can see my new theme at You will notice that now the home page now has a masonry of the posts on my site with a picture and mission statement on the top instead of a static page.  And that static page has moved to the About Me page.

Tell me what you think!  Do you like it better or not compared to the old one which you can see on the Wayback Machine here. I want your honest opinion. If you hate it, tell me! If you love it, tell me! If it\’s somewhere in between, tell me!  Do you think it should be something totally different, tell me what you think would be good!

I\’m not done with changes but the basic layout is what I\’m considering.

Now on to that story. The memory is one of my favorite ones and comes from when I was in college and there are many lessons from it.

Read my story here.

What do you think of my story?  What additional lessons do you learn from it besides the ones I mention.  Feel free to add your comments to the post or email them to me.

My therapist and I talked today and he told me things he learned from my story. It\’s amazing what we all see!

I was hoping to have a review of Flip Flop Profits vol 2 for you today, but with finishing up layout on my website and a bunch of other things happening that had to be taken care of, I didn\’t get finished.

So, I\’m just going to tell you a little about it and let you check it out.

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The training is well done and shows you every step of the way.  He shows some great tools and teaches you how to use them.

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Let us know what you think...