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Learning About SEO And My ASL Skills (or how rusty they are)

Rosina here.  Welcome to the new week!  Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great Sunday.

I had been asked to interpret for a deaf couple at church. So I went there expecting to use my very rusty ASL (American Sign Language) skills and stumble alot over the words.

I haven\’t spoken ASL regularly in nearly 20 years except for the occasional helping of someone on the street. And, I haven\’t interpreted in longer than that.  So my skills are VERY rusty.

But it turned out that the ASL speaking missionaries had come up from Riverside so they did the interpreting. Probably much better for the deaf couple lol.  

I did sit with them and got to enjoy watching them interpret and attempt to keep up. Of course, I could hear the speaker too, so it was not too hard.

One of the missionaries, a young Elder, signed VERY well and was beautifully expressive. He chose to interpret some phrases differently than I would have but that\’s probably because he speaks better ASL than I do.

I spent some time with the deaf group before and after and enjoyed speaking the language again even if I stumbled a lot.

In case you don\’t know, ASL is really its own language. It\’s not just english in signs. It has its own structure and grammar that is very different from English. Of course you can just sign English and that\’s where most people start, especially those who speak English as their first language. But true ASL is really different from English

As you can tell, I had an interesting Sunday.

I also got to see a lot of friends from my old ward before I moved into my new house because it was stake conference. So all the wards from the whole area met together.  It was great to see my friends!

Today I had an onboarding call with a representative from Moz is one of the best if not the best tools to help with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, for your websites.

I signed up because I wanted to do some research on some domains and needed more information than I could get from the free tool. So I took advantage of the free 30 day trial.

They do an amazing job onboarding their new customers (something I didn\’t know when I signed up).  But I will probably cancel my subscription when the month is over because it is expensive for the only occasional use I would have for it.

I\’m not dedicating myself to learning SEO which is a huge and difficult field.

Still, from the onboarding call, I learned quite a bit including learning about Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA), two terms I had heard thrown around a lot but didn\’t really know what they meant especially when people mostly just use the abbreviations. I had no idea what people meant when they just said DA and PA! I now understand it a little better.

She even offered to hold another onboarding call and do some research for me on what I wanted to accomplish with the tool (which isn\’t what the tool is meant for) to see if there might be something better out there for me

And she asked me to set up a campaign for my domain so she could show me around the tool for what it is meant for.  So I set up two campaigns, one for and one for and we\’ll see what more I learn about SEO at our next call on Friday.

Well I\’ve rambled on long enough lol!

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Well now I\’ve really rambled on long enough, so I\’ll close now lol.

To your success!

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